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Gallery of McLane Lawns & Customer Feedback
Below are just a few McLane Lawn photos and comments our customers have sent in recently. If you would like to share your photos or experience here, please email to Thank You!

"Just used my new 25" McLane for the first time. WOW. Officially hooked and sold. Thank you for a fine American product'

~ Kenton, Fort Worth Texas

"This will be my 2nd McLane Mower. The first one lasted almost 30 years with no problems whatsoever"

~ John, Birmingham Alabama

"We use McLane Reel Mowers in our commercial lawn maintenance company in SW Florida. They are used everyday with minimal maintenance. The simple design allows us to maintain the fleet ourselves without having to depend on a dealer"

~ Rodney, Fort Meyers Florida

"One of customers, a large well known theme park, has more than 25 McLane mowers they have used since 2012 to keep the property perfectly manicured. They prefer to remain anonymous, but chances are you have been there and seen the great job these mowers do"

~ Outdoor Power Equipment Dealer located in Orlando, Florida

"Mark, my lawn is by far the best in the neighborhood, just like you said it would be. I sincerely appreciate the time you spent with me to answer my questions which helped me get the correct mower for my lawn"

~ Jacob, Midland Texas

" I couldn't be happier with my purchase of the McLane Reel Mower. It arrived in just a few days and cut perfectly right out of the box. It's obvious you guys know what you are doing, I picked the right company to do business with"

~ Joe, Macon Georgia

"I have one problem with my mower, people won't stop asking me to explain why my lawn looks like a golf course! I have sent you several new customers who have also purchased a new mower from you. Thank you again for all of your help!"

~ Scott, Broken Arrow Oklahoma

"I owned another brand of mower for a few years which was made in China - it was junk. They fooled me by giving it an "American" name and I assumed it was built here. I am thrilled with my new McLane, especially knowing it is made in America and I will always be able to get parts if I need them"

~ Suzanne, Palo Alto California

"We very much appreciate you shipping our new McLane GreensKeeper the same day we ordered it. We are rebuilding our cricket course here and are totally impressed by the way this machine is built! It looks like a tank and mows our facility perfectly!

~ Gregory, Nassau Bahamas

"How refreshing it is to see a product which is still made in America and supported by a company with old-school service and traditional values. I enjoyed my conversation with Mark Salter and knew I had made the right decision to buy from you as soon as I hung up the phone"

~ Gerald, Cypress Texas

"I am calling back to also buy a McLane edger from you after receiving my reel mower and using it today. What a well-built product! Thank you for making the entire purchase experience an absolute pleasure!"

~ Michael, Miami Florida

"No wonder you sell more engine-powered reel mowers than anyone else! Mark's product knowledge is incredible; my mower arrived in Georgia in two days, and it cuts my lawn perfectly! I almost got suckered into putting a "deposit" on another brand and waiting several months for it to arrive from another country. I finally received a refund and then bought my McLane from you. Thank you for explaining to me the importance of knowing McLane will be in business when I need parts in 5 or 10 years . . . it makes so much sense."

~ Jessie, Atlanta Georgia