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***SOLD OUT*** 20" McLane 7-Blade Reel Mower with Grooved Front Roller and B&S Engine (cuts as low as 3/4")
***SOLD OUT*** 20" McLane 7-Blade Reel Mower with Grooved Front Roller and B&S Engine (cuts as low as 3/4")
Item#: M20-7-550-GR
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Product Description

*** Mower is shown in photograph with optional Grass Catcher ***

McLane Reel Mowers are the ONLY engine-powered Reel Mowers Manufactured in America, by American Workers, using 99% American Components! ( With a goal of achieving 100% in 2024! )

McLane Mfg. has been in continuous operation since 1946, longer than any other American Mower Manufacturer. They have sold hundreds of thousands of reel mowers which are supported by readily available replacement parts, service support, and product knowledge.

About the McLane GR-Series Reel Mowers . . .

Designed by Mark Salter, our CEO and founder, working with the McLane engineering team, the McLane GR-Series Reel Mower is the direct result of Mark's experience during the past 40 years selling thousands of engine-powered reel mowers to dealers, landscapers, and consumers located world-wide.

The McLane GR-Series Reel Mower is equipped with a specially designed Grooved Front Roller which minimizes turf "roll down" common with smooth rollers and allows for the smoothest possible cut. It's heavy design and construction prevents the front of the mower from bouncing, resulting in the very best and most even lawn.

Far superior to any other roller design, the GR-Series roller prevents scalping and prevents excess dirt and sand from entering the reel and bedknife system, maximizing blade life and increasing time between sharpenings.

Designed specifically for Zoysia, Bermuda, Paspalum, and other premium warm-season grasses, this mower will cut most lawns as low as 3/4" and as high as 2", the perfect range to keep these turf types healthy and looking like a golf course.

The Induction Heat-Treated, Armor-Plate Reel maximizes time between sharpenings and the exclusive curved bedknife design provides an unmatched quality of cut.

The McLane "Touch-A-Matic" Engine Clutch Control provides maximum operator comfort without the need to feather a "thumb-type" drive common on other brands. This feature alone separates McLane from all other competitors!

The Unique Grass Shield Diverter Fins evenly disperse grass clippings into catcher - another feature found exclusively on McLane Reel mowers!

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